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Entertainment Info Sheet

Pelican Lake Motorcoach Resort now offers high speed internet on all privately owned lots as well as common areas. To get online and stay connected during your stay, please follow the instructions below:



Common areas with a Wi-Fi connection include the clubhouse, library, pool, Tiki, and pickle ball courts.

Username Password
PLRV_Public_Wifi PLRV34114
Community XFINITY N/A


To connect to “Community XFINITY”, click agree and continue when prompted with the option.



Owners are responsible for providing renters with all equipment necessary to get online, unless delegated to the management office. All lots will receive a modem and “Flexbox” (physical streaming device) from Comcast XFINITY.

The “Flexbox” connects to one television and allows you to stream entertainment from any third-party app such as YouTube, Netflix, Hulu etc.

The “Flexbox” includes a free set of basic LIVE TV channels accessible through the PEACOCK* app. These channels are not local.

For assistance with internet or streaming services, please contact the on-site management office at 239. 417. 1600.

* Standard Cable TV is no longer supported in Pelican Lake Motorcoach Resort.



What is Peacock?
Peacock is a streaming application that allows you to watch LIVE TV, shows, and movies under one platform. Streaming only works with an internet connection.

What is Peacock Premium?
Peacock Premium is a subscription service that grants access to a variety of LIVE TV channels, shows, and movies. All XFINITY customers receive Peacock Premium for FREE, so you can start enjoying entertainment at no extra cost to you!

How do I use Peacock to watch TV?
Once you plug your “Flexbox” to your TV and connect it to your Wi-Fi connection, follow the steps below to start enjoying your free Peacock Premium subscription!
1.    Open Peacock application using your remote.
2.    Enter your email address when prompted.
3.    Enjoy!

For any questions, concerns, or issues about Peacock, please contact the on-site management office at 239. 417. 1600 or visit https://www.peacocktv.com/xfinity for more details.