Join in the Fun. Savor the Natural Beauty. Make Magical Memories in Your Own Personal Playground.

Casino Royale-Bond Voyage Party Tuesday, June 21, 20220

Casino Royale-Bond Voyage Party

Pickleball 2021 Thursday, March 25, 20210

Pickleball 2021

2021 Pelican Lake Pickleball League Team

Chili Cook-Off Wednesday, September 16, 20200

Chili Cook-Off

Pelican Lake gives back to the community... our annual Chili Cook Off raised over $1100 and the residents had fun doing it.  Take a look at some of the pictures of the fun and great food.

Tropical Landscaping Wednesday, September 16, 20200

Tropical Landscaping

Visit our Pelican Lake gardens to be inspired and infatuated...you'll fall in love with our winding paths with benches in just the right areas.

Pelican Lake from the Sky Wednesday, September 16, 20200

Pelican Lake from the Sky

Beautiful pictures of our resort from above

Tiki Hut fun Wednesday, September 16, 20200

Tiki Hut fun

Who doesn't love getting together under the Pelican Lake tiki hut? We have 3 to choose from... from bands... to sitting under the tiki at the pool... to dancing the night away outside our largest tiki. Paradise at Pelican Lake is under the tiki.

Fun… that’s Pelican Lake. Tuesday, September 01, 20200

Fun… that’s Pelican Lake.

We love our pets and we love to play. From chili cook offs to RV shows, dueling piano’s and ladies fashion shows. Our motorhome life is unparalleled, so take a look at some of the fun.

Sunsets over Pelican Lake Tuesday, September 01, 20200

Sunsets over Pelican Lake

As the sun sets we stand in awe, it’s a nightly light show of beauty. Let us show you some of our favorites.