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SOLD   4826 Southern Breeze  - SOLD IN 1 WEEK!!
Jon Barnes
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SOLD 4826 Southern Breeze - SOLD IN 1 WEEK!!

Extra Special Site $395k

WOW!  – 4826 Southern Breeze Drive features an awesome setting. There are pavers throughout the site – and includes a Marine style pedestal. The coach house is awesome inside. Lots of space and the decorating is very appealing. 

The site features three Royal Palms and one Bismark tree – the landscaping is awesome too. There is a large fountain water feature that is just spectacular. 

A secret about this site is the Amazing outside kitchen installed on the backside of the coach house. It has everything a chef would ever need to entertain your guests. Did you notice I keep using the word awesome throughout this site description – the site really stands out above the crowd, and features everything anyone could want when living at Pelican Lake Motorcoach Resort.

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